In case you have an Tumblr account and you’r wondering yourself why nobody is following your channel and you want to have thousands of ppl reposting your senseless pictures then you have to proceed like this:

1. Actually TAG the things you are posting. I never got reposted until I tagged a silly picture. Now I can’t really believe the result out of 8 little letters. Ridiculous.

2. Get an Tumblr plugin for your Browser. Now you only have to click with your right mouse and choose „Post to my tumblr acc“.

3. NOW ptost tons of stuff & follow bunch of cool/interesting ppl.

Don’t post loads of pink stuff! There are already far to many of theese fucking annoying little american Highsschool kids out there. And they are doing quite a good job.
Don’t name your Tumblr Blog like this: fuckyeah + „whatever“ THATS SO FKN ANNOYING!
Don’t reblog all the time. The internet is huuuuge. Find your own individual stuff. Dumbass.
Don’t ever think about buying a theme for tumblr!!! NO ONE DOES!
Don’t take all of it toooooooooooooo serious! It’s stupid!

But why do I have a Tumblr acc? I dunno. It’s fun and nice to look at.
BTW: This is how my inbox looked like after i posted a picture tons of fat american girlies liked. Hell YEAH!..