Woaaah! I’m stressed.

I have sooo much to do until I leave Weimar for two weeks. I have to clean my room, prepare the floor to paint it. Then I have to pack my rucksack and I have to sew a simple wrapping for my notebook (cos I’m to lazy to carry my notebookbag with me (its sooo unwieldy))
Thats not all. I surely forgot something. Yes: I have to go to the postoffice, to a bookstore, to aldi and to university library.
hope thats all!!!

One positive thing: I have all christmas presents! Today I just finished the one for my sister. I’d like to post a picture of the finished one but it could be, that she gonna read this.
Maybe later!

Annd I want that dress! I tried it on on friday while we were in Erfurt. This one is just a little to big, buuut it’s gorgeous!

By the way: I haven’t expected that I’m able to write a post today. Our internet was the whole day away. Somewhere else. In a unknown gallaxy. No I’m kidding I think it was out of the fact that the „UMTS isn’t working“ or „Could not connect to UMTS“.